Our Pastors

Steve & Jan Wilson Lead Pastors
A little history…
Growing up as a small town boy in the mountains of Calaveras County, Steve Wilson lived a very nomadic church experience. His single Mom took him from tent meeting to revival meeting to Pentecostal gathering. At these revivals, Steve became awed by the works of the Holy Spirit, the crowds, miracles, and the anointed pastors and evangelists. Steve had known God from a young age, but at the age of 13 he was baptized by the Holy Spirit. This experience rocked his very core and changed his life forever. By age 15, he knew he wanted to be a pastor and see those miracles and works of the Spirit happen in his own church.
As a young man in 1972, Steve came to San Jose and joined Northern California Bible College, started by Christian Community Church. It was there he met his beautiful wife, Jan, daughter of Ernest and Joy Gentile, the founding pastors of CCC. Steve and Jan have been married since 1976, and have two grown married children, and one lovely granddaughter.
Jan grew up as a Pastor’s Kid. In 1959, her father, Ernest, received a word from God–he needed to move his family from Spokane to San Jose, and start a church. It seemed her parents were always forerunners–going against the flow…doing something different when it came to how church was being done. Unusual was a norm in the Gentile church experience, being non-denominational before it was popular, or worshiping in a more free way while many churches simply sang hymns in pews. When Jan was 14, a move of God happened and revival came to CCC. With the influx of young people, she was asked to step up and lead others. Even though young and not fully prepared, God touched and empowered her. As she worked alongside very talented people, their gifting opening hers more, ushering her into a love of worshiping God through music and teaching the Word.
The young Wilsons became Youth Pastors at CCC in 1976. Sixteen years later they replaced Ernest and Joy as Lead Pastors, but during those first years pastoring youth, the Wilsons developed a deep love and compassion for young people. Since that time, the younger generation has been at the forefront of their hearts for ministry. Their desire to reach young adults has grown even stronger on this church-planting journey called Liveheart.
A heart for the nations…
Throughout their ministry, Steve and Jan have had a passion for missions. Over the years they have been to just about every continent, ministering to other people groups. Whether it was yearly mission trips to Mexico or experiencing revival among the youth of Brazil, trips to the nations have always been an integral part of the Wilsons’ life and ministry. Pastors Steve and Jan now have missionary friends all around the globe and travel to countries including Brazil and India in an apostolic capacity. They dream of sending teams upon teams into the mission field in the coming years, continuing this legacy of love for the nations of the world.
A heart for this generation…
In 2011, God began to work on the heart of the entire CCC congregation. Steve and Jan felt a strong call to plant a new church in San Jose, specifically geared towards young people. To the Wilson’s, “Liveheart” means just that–having a live heart…a whole heart, a passionate heart, a worshiping heart…everything a heart was created to be. Today our young people are under attack and God’s church can no longer just stand idly by. As pastors, the Wilson’s have seen the enemy’s attempts and successes at dividing families and crushing relationships first hand.
Paralyzing anxiety and depression are gripping young people at an alarming rate. Hopelessness runs rampant. But there is hope. With ministries centered on wholeness, freedom, healing, and love, Steve and Jan long to see this generation, and adults of every age, become whole and healthy – walking freely in the destiny God has for them. Liveheart is a home for the abandoned, a place of acceptance for the rejected, a family for the orphan and an oasis for a generation of hurting people. It was their love for young people, along with the call of God, that planted Liveheart Ministries in Pismo Beach, marking the beginning of a new way of “doing church.”
When asked what their greatest desires for Liveheart and this young generation are, their answers were swift and sure, “We want our atmosphere of love and the presence of God to draw young people closer to God’s heart. We want to see them experience his Holy Spirit and develop a passionate love for God…to see them discover their God-given purpose and receive the empowerment and confidence to fulfill it…for their generation to believe they can create change, as well as, be an effective influence in their culture and generation.”
A heart for the newbie…
Liveheart loves to see new people come in–whether they have never been to church, are looking for a home or just haven’t been in a long time. When asked what their hope for first time attenders were, the Wilsons replied, “We hope newcomers feel loved–by us and by God. We want them to feel at ease, knowing that there is a place for them here…a place of safety and help, a place where they can get plugged in and be part of a family. We hope they feel this is a place where they can be who they are and see their dreams fulfilled as they pursue God. Even though Liveheart may be a very different experience, we want people to feel it is a loving and safe place–a place to experience God and freely worship him.” Pastor Steve wants people to realize, “What you see is what you get. I’m absolutely completely real…no religious facades. I’ll be the same at church as I am if you come to my house.” It’s true. Jan hopes that people will see her heart and feel loved. She says of her and Steve, “We may look different and act different, but our heart is the same.” It’s that heart of love that welcomes the newcomer.
A little more about our pastors…
Steve would rather run than walk and loves his early morning jaunts around the Alameda. He genuinely loves preaching and doesn’t even consider it “work.” Steve also loves coaching – the concept of drawing something out of people they didn’t even know they had in them. “There is nothing like watching those lights go on,” he says.
Jan loves design and playing with colors. More than that she loves when God uses her artistic work to help people. Jan also loves women and ministering along with the Holy Spirit as he brings them through deliverance and into places of freedom they never thought possible.
Together, Steve and Jan are a team dedicated to loving people with no strings attached, living honestly, and caring deeply. They are very anointed and gifted, yet religious pride is nowhere in sight when talking with this completely approachable and real couple. There is no church that loves their pastors more.