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A Personal Prison

Parents love to talk about their kids. Grandparents are even worse—probably because we feel more license (doesn’t sound quite so self-serving). What do you do when you don’t have any more toddler stories? We got a dog…hence, the Jeter stories (that’s Jeter like the ball player) begin.
Jeter loves to chew. Toys, food, shoes and his own body parts are not off his limits. That is a problem when an injury has developed. Solution? A massive cone to fit his English Lab head. It is one thing for some darling little puff ball of a dog to wear a cone on its head but an extra large one is a different story. Kind of a multiplication thing.
Jeter awakened from some minor foot surgery in a very different existence. He tried to maneuver in his usual fashion but everything was off—his balance, his understanding of how to lie down or get close to us. He wondered if he could eat or how to lie down in the car. At first he stood frozen. Steve got down on the floor with him to help him see he could lie down. He could see normally in front of his eyes, but peripheral vision was gone. When he was looking straight at us it seemed fine to come toward us and get close for some comfort, but then the cone became a weapon of mass destruction. He has knocked into us and every wall in his path.
When we are injured, we, too, are in our own personal prison. We don’t mean to hurt others with the rejection we look through, but we do. We think we can fit through obvious doors others sail through but we hit a wall instead. We don’t want to be limited like this but taking off the cone cannot be done alone.
Jeter has a date for the cone to come off and people to do it for him. We, on the other hand, have to decide the day of our salvation. Is it time to surrender old wounds and trust God to heal, letting relationships be formed a new way? Our great physician is waiting for us. He already paid for our healing, so any day is good with Him and the sooner the better. It is going to feel weird to have that cone off, but this is where a trusting Jeter attitude comes in. He has a habit of looking at us to see if something is ok. When we give a nod or say “good boy,” he sails through the green light. He doesn’t worry if it is ok to be happy again. We could all take an obedience lesson here and believe it is not only ok to trust again, but God is excited for us to do it. We can’t wait for the cone to come off of Jeter. God is waiting…let Him help you.

Bob Appleman has a new shoulder!  His healing testimony from April 14, 2017

When Bob was a young man, he damaged his left shoulder. He was up on some scaffolding and lost his balance, while painting his house. He was falling toward the neighbor’s garage and tried to twist his body so as not to fall into their doorway. This caused him to land on his shoulder with some bushes barely breaking the fall, but not protecting his shoulder.

After his fall, the left shoulder always bothered him in certain positions. This last year he asked his Doctor if anything could be done for it. The Doctor said, “There is nothing that can fix this—your rotator cuff is gone.” Because of the prognosis, he never received prayer—there was no shoulder left to fix.

On April 14th, Bob, Phyllis, Deb Plyler and I were praying together. The presence of God was very strong. It was a special time. I was standing behind Bob with my hands on his shoulders. I noticed the one was sort of sunken in, like something was missing. After we had prayed for a while, we noticed Bob was rubbing his shoulder. We asked if he was in pain. He said he was.

He felt the Lord impressing Him to have it prayed for. Deb mentioned in heaven there is anything we might need. He could go into the room full of shoulders and pick the one he wanted. He prayed to receive a normal shoulder. I saw him use his other hand to put something on his shoulder. By faith he was putting his new shoulder in place as we all prayed. A moment later his shoulder started cracking and popping. My hand was on his shoulder and I felt the popping and heard it. I asked Phyllis and Deb to come feel it. Phyllis felt it and said, “Oh, my!” The shoulder buffed up as I kept my hand there. It felt like a normal shoulder. Bob heard and felt it all. He can now move it in any direction. There is no pain and a complete range of motion. He says it is a new shoulder. This is pretty exciting for anyone, but for someone in their 80’s to be given a new shoulder is fun to say the least.

I asked Bob why he was healed. “Because He loves me,” he said. “Good answer,” I replied.

Jan Wilson

Anxiety, fear, hopelessness…

What do you do when everything you have known is shaken beyond recognition…you can’t find your bearings and you wonder if everything God has spoken over you is past its expiration date? I have trouble falling asleep or find myself awakened by dreams filled with worried thoughts. There is always a solution needed I am unable to provide, a sense of urgency or even doom and the best option left to me is to get out of bed and go pray.

As long as I am entertaining my worrisome thoughts I make God smaller. When I move into worship I magnify the Lord, making Him larger in my small mind. His infinite greatness breaks through my finite fears and heavenly thoughts drizzle down. The Holy Spirit comes. As believers, we understand the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Heaven. When we ask for His Kingdom to come, on Earth as it is in Heaven, we want Him…here…now.

Anxiety, fear, worry, hopelessness…these are all strongholds the enemy loves to establish in our minds, but we can choose to let go of these patterned responses and run into Him where we are safe and inspired. Sometimes it takes more than a song in the car on the way to work. There has to be time spent with Him. There just does. He is waiting for us to run into Him to find out we are truly safe. He is our refuge, a very present help in time of trouble. I bet you can think of a verse to hang onto, too. How can we draw closer to Him in 2017? What changes need to be made in our lives to make time for and with Him? Make a decision and let’s do it.