About Us

At LIVEHEART, we love Jesus! We want to be just like Him–loving, healing, teaching and telling the world about God’s awesome plan for their lives! We are a new church plant, made up of people who want the real deal–relationship, not religion. God embraces all who come to Him with humility and hunger. He hates the vain religious ideals that keep people bound with guilt! Jesus came to change all that, demonstrating God’s love on earth by touching people others would pass by and taking every opportunity to heal. His did whatever His Heavenly Father wanted Him to, and we desire to do the same.
Our particular niche is to represent the Father’s heart to a fatherless generation.
Jesus told his disciples if they have seen him they have seen the Father. As the Body of Christ on earth, we have the joy of representing Him to those who have never met Him. The Church has not been very influential with the next generation. Younger people know more about divorce than happily ever after, and see the church the same way–people who fight each other and talk about love…people who judge, but act like they don’t. We know the Church has to change if we are going to impact this next generation. We are willing to upset religious mindsets to do the Father’s will and represent Him well.
LIVEHEART is a second generation church. After fifty-nine years of ministry, Christian Community Church, formerly located on McLaughlin Avenue, sold its property and became this new church plant in the Rose Garden area of San Jose, a place filled with youth and community ministry opportunities. Pastors Steve and Jan Wilson felt God leading us to this strategic location for the new vision He has given us. It is an older, established part of the City, yet it is filled with youth searching for a connection to the “Father’s Heart.” Our past includes a rich foundation of church planting, missionary giving, prayer, sincere worship and Biblical instruction by founding Pastors Ernest and Joy Gentile. Our future structure is ready to be built on that rock-solid foundation, but its walls will look very different, created for the eyes and needs of a new generation. This continues in our new location in Pismo Beach, CA, where we look to start a new church plant.
LIVEHEART dreams of a culture that is young, energetic and free…Millennials growing in leadership, ministry and outreach expressing their own unique style…artistic…powerful…it’s a Kingdom revolution championed by the younger generation…adults join in, representing the love of Father God to the fatherless…they listen generously and support without judgment, imparting Jesus’ values and character to the next generation…worship is at the forefront, the place where dreams begin.
LIVEHEART worships! Every time we meet, we begin with sincere praise and expressive worship. We are not embarrassed to lift our hands, sing, dance or take the time to wait on God, even though we meet in a home and time is limited! We want to fulfill the Great Commandment by loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. Worship is passionate and filled with God’s presence. This is the core of our non-churchy culture. The sound is not limited to one genre or people group, but an expression of heavenly sounds as God opens the floodgates for those who worship in Spirit and Truth. The technical comes alongside the Spiritual, enhancing awareness and understanding. Great sound, lights and design add to the ambiance of the Spirit, presenting every element of the service with clarity.
A LIVE HEART needs an active mind and body. Physical and emotional needs can be met at LIVEHEART, too. Group fitness classes with Pastor Steve in our Liveheart Fitness Studio, Encounter Retreats, Small Groups and healing prayer will address the brokenness, addiction and dominating anxiety of young and old alike.
Generosity is proof of a loving heart. People’s treasures reflect their values and we want to see Kingdom values demonstrated and taught so many will be blessed and become a blessing – prosperity with a purpose. We give our tithes and offerings to meet the needs of this local church, bless our community and reach the Nations.
Our vision–loving and growing people–is lived out at, the home of LIVEHEART. Not much has changed…people still need help to find God. We were all brought to Jesus by an invitation–someone cared enough to introduce us to eternal life and love. When Jesus comes in, our hearts come to life!
LIVEHEART is a place where healing, peace and passion are born. A dynamic, fulfilling relationship with God and others is possible, and LIVEHEART could be the place yours begins. Experience a homey atmosphere where God’s love and the life-giving truths of His Word flow, along with a great cup of coffee. If you decide to join us, you might just make our web address your mantra: liveheart.me